When it comes to designing and developing for the web, you will come across a bug, compatibility and or rendering issue, with browser in which you don’t have access to.

What is Browser Testing?

Browser testing, also referred to as cross browser testing is the process of ensuring that your website or web application works in given browser.

Any idea how your website/web design looks like on other browsers? browsershots helps you to test your website on different browsers across different Operating System.

All you have to do is type your website url in textbox and then select the browsers in which you want to test in browsers. Your request will be put on queue. It distributed computers start showing me screenshots of my blog in various browsers.

List of Browser Compatibility Testing Tools

Now a days lot of different browser compatibility testing tolls out there, below are 12 of the most popular ones. Each of them offers their own unique features, supported browser versions, platforms.

Tools Index

  1. BrowserStack
  2. Browsershots
  3. Browserling
  4. Litmus
  5. IE NetRenderer
  6. Browser Sandbox
  7. TestingBot
  8. BrowseEmAll
  9. Multibrowser
  10. CrossBrowserTesting
  11. equafy
  12. Sauce Labs




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