Now a days web is getting better and better at serving users. There are more websites on internet transitioning to a web 2.0 model of users experience and functionalities that is what we call web 2.0 link building.

Web 2.0 has increased the rate of Engagement of users in online sites. Web 2.0 allows the visitors to communicate with the site in much smoother way and provide best user experience.

Web 2.0 link building is about filling out your profile in web 2.0 websites. Here are some the websites where you can build your profile/brand in:

(Warning: These pages and links should be used for building brands – not for the sake of just building links. If you want to build links for ranking, this is not the way to do This list is derived from Jason Acidre’s list albeit updated)

Site Profiles

  • PageRank – 8
  • Dofollow link of the URL of your website
  • No need to build a page, just search your domain name through Alexa and once you find it, build 1 backlink to direct crawlers to your site’s info page in Alexa, then eventually reach your website to pass through trust.


  • PageRank – 8
  • Nofollow link but passes massive amount of trust and authority to your site
  • Fast crawl rates
  • Making a company profile page through Wikipedia may only take you 10 – 20 minutes.


  • PageRank – 8
  • Allows dofollow links to your site in every post or re-post of a blog entry (URL and/or Anchor text)
  • Has fast crawl rates and allows you to accumulate a following if you are active enough to participate in the community


  • PageRank – 9
  • Dofollow link of the URL of your website
  • Fast crawl rates


  • PageRank – 9
  • Nofollow link of the URL of your site that’s capable of passing trust
  • Has fast crawl rates and is good for your site’s page indexation


  • PageRank – 10
  • Nofollow URL link of your website
  • Can quickly rank on SERPs for your brand name
  • Fast crawl rates and good for page indexing